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      Prescription sunglasses are UV sunglasses in which the tinted lenses replaced by the corrective prescription lenses that help you see clearly and prevent UV rays from entering your eyes. In other words, they are an effective solution for people with myopia who want maximum eye protection and maintain maintain good vision while creating a fashionable look when going out on the street.

      What are prescription sunglasses

      Sunglasses are eye protection that shields your eyes from harmful rays and dust. It's advisable to make a habit of wearing them when you go outdoors, even on cloudy days. Many studies show that prolonged exposure without sun protection can cause sunburn to your eyelid and eye diseases. When it comes to fashion, sunglasses are a stunning accessory to elevate your look and a great way to express your personality by coordinating with other clothes.

      There are too many practical benefits as above, so what solution for nearsighted people who want to have better protection and a cool look under sunshine while they are able to see clearly? Prescription sunglasses are the best solution since they offer better protection than contact lens prescription. They also provide an appealing look compared to wearing clip-on sunglasses.

      Regarding fashion for men, these shades give a masculine look for your driving or beach vacation. Beach trips packed with these shades are great for making a new look and taking selfies to share with friends and family.

      Prescription sunglasses can easily integrate with polarized lenses to help you enjoy activities on the beach without annoying by the glare.

      Advantages of wearing prescription sunglasses.

      • Since prescription sunglasses used sunglasses frames, so they offer better coverage than wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses with transition lenses. That means they tend to block the harmful UV rays better.
      • They offer a fashionable look when compared to clip-on sunglasses that used to wear by grandfathers.
      • Protect your skin near your eyes.
      • Prevent dust from entering your eyes.
      • Offer women a futuristic look and hide wrinkles or no-makeup face.
      • Full UV protection from UV rays.

      However, prescription sunglasses have a drawback that you can wear them outdoors only. For indoor use, you need an additional pair of eyeglasses.