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      Gradient sunglasses

      Gradient sunglasses are UV sunglasses in which the tinted lenses are gradually lighter from top to bottom so that the top of the lenses is darkest to allow blocking up 85% visible light. The bottom of the lens is lightest to let more light entering your eyes for more visibility. In other words, they have two shades: dark and light. The dark part of sunglasses reduces visible light while offering a clear vision viewing through the lighter area.

      Gradient lenses are convenient and practical to wear in certain activities like driving or running errands. Some manufacturers offer double gradient lenses in which the top and bottom are darkest and the middle is lighter. This type of lenses is not popular because the way it looks. However, they may be great for some outdoor activities that require to block more light from the bottom part as water sport, fishing.

      Gradient sunglasses can combine with a polarized feature to enhance the visual clarity for activities or adventures in water environments like water sport, fishing. These lenses not only keep your eyes safe from UV rays but also reduce the water glare to bring clear vision and enhance performance.

      Colors of gradient lenses

      Gradient lenses come in various colors. You may consider picking colors that suit the lifestyle and benefit your outdoor activities.

      • Grey gradient lenses are very popular for general use including sunny or cloudy days since they offer true color perception.
      • Brown gradient lenses help to enhance contrast and provide accurate depth perception, thus they are great for bright sunny days or overcast days.
      • Gradient green lenses are also popular for general purposes. They offer good contrast in low-light conditions and treat all color equally. With that being said, they are ideal for sunny or rainy days.
      • Blue gradient lenses are appealing color and great for making fashion statement. They also help to define detailed contours and improve color perception. They are perfect for playing golf or activities in snow, foggy conditions. 
      Women's gradient sunglasses

      Difference between gradient lenses and other lenses

        • When it comes to preventing UV rays, all sunglass lenses are equal, that means they have the same performance in shielding your eyes from solar radiation.
        • UV lenses have a consistent color density across the lenses, whereas gradient lenses have shade darker from bottom to the top.
        • Polarized lenses have one shade as UV lenses, but a polarized filter built-in to help reducing blinding glare from water or flat surfaces.
        • Mirrored lenses also have one shade on the entire lenses, but having mirror coating to cut more visible light to suit applications in harsh or intense sunlight.
        • While gradient and photochromic lenses have the same purpose allowing one to see clearly in different light conditions, but they are different in design. The entire photochromic lenses become lighter when exposed to low-light environment to let more light entering the eyes. In gradient lenses, the bottom part are almost clear to allow glass wearers to see more clearly in low-light conditions.

      Advantages of gradient sunglasses

      • For driving, they prevent overhead sunlight from striking to your eyes and allow more light getting through the bottom half of the lens so you can comfortably see your dashboard without taking off your shades
      • For running errands, the bottom haft receives more light to help you see the sidewalk clearly to avoid tripping accident whereas the top haft is dark enough to shield intense sunlight.
      • They prevent solar radiation from striking your eyes while maintaining a clear view in the shade or indoors.
      • Gradient sunglasses enhance the fashion look and offer a great way to build versatile wardrobes. They are versatile enough to look great on most most frame styles, from classic round-shaped to modern aviators.

      Cat eye gradient sunglasses

      Affordable cat-eye gradient sunglasses offer a elegant and feminine look for the lady.

      • Gradient lenses offer more eye contact. They block completely UV rays but still allow other people to see through your eyes since the bottom haft of the lenses are almost clear.

      Some drawbacks

      • Gradient lenses are not capable to cut glare, glass wearers may suffer from headaches, eyestrain for their activities in water environments.
      • Gradient lenses may not be appropriate to wear in a snowfield or mountain due to the limited ability to block intense sunlight.