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      Most sunglasses always include the specification printed on the left temple. It's important to understand these numbers since they are reference numbers for your next purchase to ensure a perfect fit. In case you want to replace your sunglass lenses, these numbers are indispensable for lens replacement. If you plan to buy online your new shades, the first thing you need to know what size fits perfectly on you. 

      Eyewear companies usually use the same number code to specify their model and three typical dimensions: lens width, bridge width, and temple length. These dimensions are following the metric system, always in millimeters.

      Numbers on sunglasses

      Model number - Color codes - Lens width □ Bridge width - Temple length.

      Model numberpart number code from manufactures. For example, RB stands for Ray-Ban, VO stands for Vogue sunglasses.

      Color codes: specify frame and lens color. For example 001/58. 001 means gold metal frame, 58 means green polarized lenses.

      Lens width: the horizontal dimension of the lens. Depend on the sunglasses styles, this measurement varies from 48 to 62 millimeters.

      Bridge width: the bridge length or distance between two lenses, varying from 12 to 16 millimeters.

      Temple length: a dimension of sunglass arm or temple including the temple tip. This dimension controls a secure fit around your ears. It normally comes in measurements: 135, 140, 145, and 150 millimeters.

      Some manufacturers indicate category on the sunglasses arm: 2 for medium tint, 3 for dark tint, and 4 for very dark tint. Ray-Ban brand specifies 3P, that means dark tint polarized lenses. 

      Product coding on sunglasses temples

      Let encode the numbers RB2140 901 58 52 □ 20 3P printed on the left arm of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

      • RB2140: RB is the code for Ray-Ban brand, 2140 is the model number for wayfarer style.
      • 901 58: 901 is code for black acetate, and 58 is code for green lenses with a polarized feature.
      • 52 □ 20: 52 is the width of each lens measured from both sides, and 20 is the bridge length.
      • 3P : 3 means sunglasses belong to category 3 (general condition), and P means polarized lenses.

      Decode the numbers on Ray-Ban aviators

      Ray-Ban aviators are the hottest selling styles in fashion eyewear. Developed by B&L in 1937 on demand from the Military, aviator sunglasses have been all the rage and will continue holding their trends in the future. Like other sunglass styles, there are also many numbers printed on the left metal temples, and these number codes are specified as follows: 

      RB 3025 Large Metal Aviator X/Y Lens width □ Bridge width 3N

      RB 3025 is the model number for aviator style.

      X: Frame color.

      X=001, 112, 181: Gold metal frame.

      X=002 Black metal frame.

      X=003 Silver metal frame.

      X=004 Gunmetal frame.

      Y: Lens color

      Y= 58: Crystal green polarized

      Y= 57: Crystal brown polarized

      Y=4I: Photochromic lenses

      Y= 17: Blue mirrored lenses

      Y= 19: Green mirrored lenses

      Y= 40: Silver mirrored lenses

      Y= 32: Crystal smog lenses

      Y= 33: Crystal brown lenses

      However, there some old models that do not specify the color lens codes, lens color is green as default. For examples RB3025-001, RB3025-004.

      Lens width usually comes in 55, 58, and 62 millimeters.

      The bridge length is 14 millimeters in most cases.

      These numbers are just for your reference, not ensuring a proper fit to your face. To obtain a perfect fit, you have to consider additional factors as sunglasses styles, lens shapes, the curvature of the lenses, and so on. For example, most people suit well with aviator sunglasses that have size 58-14 or 62-14. But these numbers do not fit well for other styles like wrap sunglasses.

      Having deeply understood these numbers will help you make an informed decision when searching online for buying a new pair of affordable sunglasses.