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      UV lenses

      UV sunglasses are regular shades labeled UV at least 99.9%. They protect the eyelid skin and other parts of the eyes from ultraviolet sunlight. Exposure to the sun in a long time without wearing the protective eyewear you are at risk of developing certain eye diseases. It's recommended that you should wear sunglasses when you go outdoors. UV sunglasses are also used for different purposes as making a fashion statement, expressing personality.
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      UV sunglasses

      Polarized lenses

      When it comes to blocking out the harmful UV rays, polarized lenses perform the same as regular shades. A chemical filer added to UV lenses make them capable of blocking the glare which causes annoying and low visibility. The glare created only when the sunlight strikes the smooth surfaces as a lake, open water. Polarized lenses filter out the glare while allowing the good light to pass through, thus the glass wearers will experience a clear vision and comforts. Polarized lenses are a preferred choice for any outdoor activities in reflective environments as fishing, water sport, driving.

      Tinted lenses vs Polarized lens

      Blurring image viewed through tinted lenses vs sharp image viewed through polarized lenses.
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      Flash or mirrored lenses

      Flash are one of the hottest style trends, spotted everywhere from the beaches to the streets. an anti-reflective coating with multi-colors added to UV lenses making them appear as a colored mirror to reflect the light only in one-way. These lenses provide a youthful and appealing look to help the women to coordinate colors to their outfits. Thus women and girls are in love to wear these futuristic styles to make a strong fashion statement.

      Flash lenses

      Flash lenses provide an attractive look for women and girls

      In addition, a mirrored coating helps to reduce the further amount of light to pass through the lenses. In other words, mirrored lenses provide better protection than other UV lenses available on the market. This benefit is useful for outdoor athletes as skiers, bikers to wear mirrored sunglasses to combat intense sunlight in harsh conditions. 
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      Gradient lenses

      Gradient lenses are tinted lenses that are tinted from the top down so that the top of the lenses is darkest. The darkest portion of the lens on the top helps you combat the sunlight when you look up while the lighter portion of the lenses provides a clear vision when you look down. Gradient lenses are convenient for driving because of the top half for shielding the UV rays and the bottom half for viewing the dashboard or outside without removing your glasses.

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      Gradient lenses

      Photochromic lenses

      Photochromic lenses are the optical lenses that darken like tinted lenses on exposure to UV rays and become clear when indoors. The photochromic molecules are mixed in lens materials or covered in the lens surfaces. When exposed to the ultraviolet sunlight, these molecules absorb the visible light and change the property from clear to darken. Thus the lenses are clear when you are in the office and become darken like sunglasses lenses when you are outside. This is very convenient to wear the same sunglasses for two environments indoors and outdoors, lens color will adjust itself the darkness that depends on level of UV rays they exposed to.

      Prescription sunglass lenses