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      After wearing a long period of time, your sunglasses may pick up dust, dirt from outdoors, and other stuffs from your body like hair oil, sweat, makeup. A proper way of cleaning may extend the life of sunglasses, especially for the lenses. Just follow a few easy steps.

      How to clean sunglasses

      1. Remove the lenses from the frame (optional). It's easier for a deep clean inside small grooves. If you don't know how to remove frame, please review the article below.
      1. Rinse your lenses and the frame with warm water, apply dishwashing soap to frames and lenses.
      2. Use the soft toothbrush to brush gently on the lens surfaces and the frame. Pay attention to the areas as nose pads, frame hinges, frame grooves where the dust collected the most.
      3. The nose pads may become yellow after extensive use. They are available from online stores. It's easy to replace them by unscrewing the small screws if you want to have a fresh look.
      4. Use a microfiber cloth to clean sunglasses thoroughly.

      Don't do:

      • Do not clean your glasses with a paper towel or other type of paper products since they may cause scratches on your surface lenses.
      • Do not use your shirt to clean your lenses. The shirt material is not soft enough, may cause scratches on the lenses.
      • Do not use window cleaner to clean your glasses since it contains chemicals that may damage to protective layers on the lens surface.