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      Affordable Mirrored Sunglasses

      Affordable mirrored sunglasses

      Mirrored sunglasses or flash shades are one of the most trendy styles in the fashion world, spotted everywhere from Instagram, Facebook, or fashion magazines. A mirrored coating added to glasses makes them appear as a multi-color mirror and gives an eye-catching and appealing look. Our affordable mirrored shades make a powerful fashion statement and offer a great way to incorporate colors into your outfits. Mirrored lenses block more light than other current lenses available on the market, thus these shades have the best protection from UV  in the bright sunlight, especially in severe conditions as snow, sand. In addition, reflective mirror lenses are a one-way mirror, you are able to see out, but nobody can see through your eyes, what they can see is a small world around reflected in the colored lenses. This advantage will help people who may wish to hide their emotions or roving eyes. Let's shop a pair of cheap sunglasses with flash lenses to maximize your protection and make you more attractive and stand out.